What is Outsider Satanism?


You won’t find a list of commandments or rules here, and you certainly won’t find a list of sins. Those things are for sheep in need of a shepherd. Instead, what you’ll find here are values that are prioritized in Outsider Satanism. This is a living document that will grow and change as we do.


Critical thinking is crucial to our never-ending pursuit of knowledge. This is true in the context of science, as well as our personal lives. Insatiable curiosity motivates us, and evidence is paramount. There is no blind faith here.

An essay and podcast episode elaborating on this value is available here.


A healthy balance is beneficial to nearly every aspect of our lives. It exists in the space between extremes like abstinence and compulsion. We should avoid arbitrary allegiances in favor of educated decision making.

An essay and podcast episode elaborating on this value is available here.


Real magic is found in things like a powerful orgasm, a mind-expanding psychedelic trip, or the sound of your favorite song. When our lives become void of the pursuit and appreciation of wonder, that is when our death has begun. Seek out the truly beautiful moments in life. Seize the day!


Generations of religious doctrines have embedded guilt and fear-based abstinence into the lives of many. In stark contrast, we celebrate indulgence, individuality, bodily autonomy, free expression, diverse sexuality, and honesty.


The most important person in your life is you. This is so obviously true that most people take it for granted and fail to prioritize the need for self-care. It’s been said that “You can’t draw water from an empty well.” Self-empowerment and self-love are required to reach your potential and to maximize joy.

Justice is the subjective quality of being fair and reasonable, and ones own moral compass will serve as their guide. Even those we detest are considered innocent until proven guilty, and should be treated as such. Outsiders are often the victim of unfounded accusations.

Hitchens’ Razor; “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”


Beginning with the fictional Book of Genesis, the character Satan (in the form of the serpent) has acted in rebellion against the tyranny of God. Here in the real world, our veneration of Satan empowers us to continue this rebelliousness against arbitrary authority and the uninspired status quo.


Our lives and perspectives are shaped by the unique combination of our lived experiences. No two are alike. Because of this, we use empathy and compassion in an effort to understand those who differ from us in nearly every way.